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Coral Clay

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Silestone Coral Clay

Jumbo Slab Size 3250mm x 1590mm

If you’re unsure whether you want bright or dark surfaces to furnish your kitchen or bathroom, the Coral Clay quartz worktop is a great compromise. Superbly neutral in design and guaranteed to suit virtually any existing interior, both warm and cool-toned colour schemes will be instantly complemented. Featuring a solid grey base akin to the shade of classic clay, the subtle speckling of this worktop provides a little extra texture as opposed to natural plain colour. Perfectly suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms due to its neutral colour scheme and superbly waterproof surface, Coral Clay has been specifically crafted with longevity in mind. Made using 94% natural siliceous quartz alongside specially selected resins and pigments, the durability of this worktop is outstanding. Superbly resilient against scratches, heat and other forms of damage, Coral Clay will make a long-lasting asset to your home.