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A granite worktop isn’t only a thing of beauty, it’s a practical, enduring and robust addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Offering a timeless touch of class and a high-quality finish to your room, our granite and quartz worktops are available in a number of colours that will suit every style and taste. From a traditional country farmhouse to the most modern of city apartments, our granite kitchen worktops and granite bathroom countertops provide that ‘wow’ factor. Our stylish granite work surfaces finish off a room perfectly, whilst not requiring much care or maintenance. As a reputable bespoke granite worktop supplier, we can also source any granite that isn’t listed in our range. Simply let a member of our friendly team know and we can transform your kitchen or bathroom with our luxury granite worktops in the way you intended.


Kitchens and bathrooms receive the highest amount of use and as one of the toughest materials known to man, granite makes the ideal worktop. Heat and scratch-resistant, it won’t mark like wooden or plastic surfaces. With love and care, granite will stay smooth and beautiful for years to come. Granite is also a very hygienic option, as bacteria can’t grow in scratches and dents, making granite work surfaces ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

No two pieces of granite are ever the same and your home will maintain its sense of individuality if you choose us as your granite worktop suppliers. The colour and patina vary across even a few metres of the same slab, so your worktop will always be unique.


You’d be mistaken if you thought granite was used only to create kitchen or bathrooms worktops - it has a wide variety of applications. Besides granite kitchen worktops and granite bathroom countertops, we can create backsplashes, islands, window sills, vanity tops, upstands and cladding. With such a wide variety of uses available, our experts are able to create bespoke one-off pieces to add the finishing touch to your home.

We can give you offcuts with which to make attractive cutting boards or pan rests. In the bathroom, granite can create a calming effect, seamlessly incorporating the sink. To find out more about our off-cut granite worktops for sale, simply get in touch online today to speak to a member of our team or call us on 01329 844474 today.


Our highly-skilled craftspeople take great care over the installation of your new bespoke granite worktops. It’s a relatively simple process that, depending on the size of the job, may not take too long. Installing your fresh granite worktop within the kitchen or bathroom involves:

  • Templating: taking the measurements and creating a pattern for your worktops
  • Fabrication: the cutting of the stone using a digital template which has been edited to include cut outs for the taps, sink and hob, draining board grooves, etc. This drawing is loaded into a powerful computer-operated saw which cuts the stone exactly to specification.
  • Installation: the physical fitting and affixing of your new surfaces.

For more information about our bespoke granite worktops, please get in touch on 01329 844474 with a member of our team today.



As well as being a trusted granite worktop supplier, we can also offer advice on caring for your granite so that it remains in excellent condition for many years. The most important things to remember are to clean up any spills and to use the right products on your surfaces – ones that have been specifically formulated for granite. We can seal your granite work surfaces with Dry-Treat Stain Proof™, for which we are Accredited Applicators. This offers a 15-year guarantee against staining and means no resealing will be needed in that time. No other product protects to the same level. For more information on our luxury granite worktops or advice on how to care for yours, call us now on 01329 844474.

Granite worktop care Dos
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Clean the worktops regularly using a recommended cleaner. We recommend HANAFINN Rejuvenata™
  • If you opted to have the worktops sealed with Dry-Treat Stain-Proof™ register for your 15 year warranty against staining.
Granite worktop care Dont's
  • Spill anything on the worktops for at least 24 hours after fitting as the sealer will still be curing. The worktops can be used after 24 hours but the sealer will not fully cure for another 7-10 days.
  • Use harsh or abrasive cleaners (using non approved cleaners may invalidate the 15-year Stain-Proof warranty if applicable)
  • Leave anything acidic on the worktops such as lemon juice, red wine etc. for a prolonged period of time. The acid may etch the polished surface leaving a dull spot. No sealer including Stain-Proof™ will fully protect against acid etching.
  • Put anything very hot on the worktops. Although granite is quite heat resistant and may withstand hot things sometimes, there is always a risk of a thermal fracture if the temperature of the granite changes rapidly. We recommend using trivets around the kitchen
  • Cut directly on the granite. Again granite is very scratch resistant but not scratch proof; it will also dull your knives. We recommend using a chopping board Drop anything heavy onto the worktops especially the edges. Although granite is very strong it can also be brittle and may chip
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