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Stone Worktop Offcuts

Here at Shawstone, we sell a range of stone worktop offcuts on our site, but many customers naturally want to understand more about what our offcuts are, and how they can be most effectively utilised.

What Are Stone Worktop Offcuts?

Stone worktop offcuts are the odd pieces of stone produced by the manufacture of other stone products. For example, if a client requests a stone worktop of certain specific dimensions, the stone required to manufacture this design will be cut from a larger slab. Any additional pieces of stone that are produced as a by-product of this process are offcuts and can vary in size dramatically depending on the process which created them.

Granite Worktop Offcuts
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The sky's the limit when it comes to utilising stone worktop offcuts; depending on the scale of the project that you have in mind, and the offcuts currently available for sale, the breadth of options available is essentially limitless. Meaning you are able to get as creative as possible. Here are some previous uses we’ve encountered to inspire you…

  • Fireplace Hearths
  • Vanity tops
  • Coffee tables
  • Speaker Stands
  • Window sills
  • Very small kitchen stone worktop

…and almost any other use you can think of!

Due to the bespoke nature of these projects, it is possible to consider a very wide range of possibilities. So, what's stopping you from finally having that stone side table you always wanted, that custom quartz coffee table that would complement your living room so well, or that custom marble table top in your dining room? Whatever you require, we are always able to tailor our services to your requirements.

All that we need from you is a template made out of MDF, or PLY or if the off-cut is an exact square or rectangle just measurements in mm, which will allow us to manufacture your ideal stone product.

For more information on our custom stone, quartz and marble furniture contact us on 01329 844474! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your latest projects!

How Much Do Stone Worktop Offcuts Cost?

Specific prices vary from piece to piece, depending on both size, and the additional work you would like to be undertaken on it. Once you have selected an offcut and explained your plans for it, we can discuss the pricing options with you personally.

We are currently offering a special offer on our stone worktop offcuts, making their use even more affordable!


Any rectangular shaped 20 or 30mm stone or quartz engineered stone offcut, cut to size and polished on the edges with a standard chamfered edge profile.

  • Up to .25m2 i.e. 500×500 £75
  • Up to .5m2 i.e. 1000×500 £150
  • Up to .75m2 i.e. 1500×500 £225
  • Up to 1m2 i.e. 1000×1000 £300
  • Up to 1.25m2 i.e. 1250×1000 £375
  • Up to 1.5m2 i.e. 1500×1000 £450

What are the benefits of reusing offcuts?

One of the main advantages of stone offcuts is their relative inexpensiveness; they’re side products of an existing order, so we’re happy for them to be put to another use. In other words, our cheap stone worktop offcuts ensure that as little as possible goes to waste.

Offcut materials are much cheaper than the typical prices of the materials utilised for bespoke stone, quartz and marble furniture. Although they will be reduced in price, this is not reflected in the quality, as they are literally the exact same materials that would be used for full priced projects. Using offcuts can make bespoke quartz, granite and marble furniture much more affordable, whilst still providing a stylish, classy look to your home.

Not only are offcuts financially advantageous, they also have significant environmental benefits. By utilising leftover materials, it means that less CO2 emissions are produced as less materials are used and as a result less transportation of these materials is necessary. It also means that less materials will end up in landfill.

Can I Get Other Offcut Materials, Such As Marble, Corian Or Quartz?

The material that the offcuts are made from depends entirely on the material used in the project in the first place. If a Corian kitchen worktop has just been fabricated, there will most likely be Corian offcuts left for use by others!

It’s worth noting that, due to the nature of their creation, we can make no guarantees as to the availability, material or colour match of the offcuts that you desire. Our offcut stock changes constantly, and vary based on the customer orders we’re fabricating at a given time.

To find out more about any worktop offcuts, please get in touch with member of our team today on 01329 844474