Lapitec Sintered Stone Worktops | Shaw Stone

Lapitec® is a sintered stone, an innovative material produced in the form of a large size slab using an exclusive patented technology. Lapitec® can be used indoors and outdoors, due to its durability and ability to be used across a wide range of applications. Lapitec® sintered stone is resistant to wear, atmospheric agents, exposure to sunlight (UV), heat, frost and water absorption, making it a popular choice in homes across the world

The different surface finishes of Lapitec® sintered stone make it suitable for use both for floors and walls. Lapitec® is compatible with a wide range of adhesives and fixing systems that allow it to be installed on various types of supports and substrates; it can be used without limitations in different situations, even particularly harsh ones (humid environments, saline atmospheres, presence of aggressive pollutants etc).

Lapitec® kitchen worktops are highly resistant to scratches, high temperatures and staining, making them a smart choice for many. Due to the fact that Lapitec® sintered stone comes in large slabs, we’re able to make kitchen worktops, islands and flooring. The sleek nature of the Lapitec® worktops make them great for use in modern kitchens, where clean lines and functionality is required.