Hanex Acrylic Solid Surface Worktops | Shaw Stone

Hanex® acrylic solid surface for commercial and residential projects.

Hanex® is a premium acrylic Solid Surface material that offers countless design possibilities and unmatched product performance. Be it used in a domestic kitchen as a worktop or commercial project such as retail shop, hotel, healthcare building or transport, the design capabilities are countless.

Hanex® solid surfacing has a premium product specification that competes with any other solid surfacebrand on the market for performance and design scope, whilst also being considerably more affordable. Design-wise there are over a hundred colours to choose from including the classic favourites of terrazzo effects and brand new sophisticated neutral colours featuring pearlescent particles. As Hanex® solid surface is acrylic, the fabrication advantages are massive. Hanex can be shaped, cut, moulded, routed and thermoformed into 3D shapes.

Hanex® solid surface has the highest possible FR classification giving it unlimited freedom for use in domestic, leisure, commercial, public sector projects and transport.

Hanex® is also a perfectly hygienic material that is resistant to pollutants, moisture and bacteria making it easy to maintain and clean.

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