Quartz Cimstone | Shaw Stone Ltd.

As the first ever company to produce quartz-based compound stone, Cimstone, first established in 1996, is now providing Cimstone quartz worktops all over the world. Since natural stones like marble and granite are limited, they often fail to supply the desired quantity. Cimstone on the other hand is produced in different colours and textures, never failing to meet customer expectations.

Cimstone quartz worktops offer strength, durability, and a beautiful finish to any space. Thanks to 7 Mohs hardness degree, Cimstone countertops have a high scratch and abrasion resistance, meaning they can’t be marked by metal implements. Cimstone is also not affected by substances often harmful to surfaces like olive oil, wine, and detergent, so you can chop and slice freely knowing that your Cimstone quartz worktop will go unscathed!

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