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QUARTZ COMPAC possesses major aesthetic versatility, as its advanced R & D allows for the creation of a large array of designs, sizes, thicknesses, ornamentations, and exclusive compac quartz colours that blend in with other materials, including MARMOL COMPAC products. The excellent Compac quartz colours and finishes and easy fitting are just two of the long list of advantages presented by this luxurious product.

What Is Compac Quartz?

Quartz engineered stone kitchen worktops are fabricated in a similar way to a granite worktop. The advantages of choosing compac quartz worktops are durability, low maintenance, scratch and chip resistance, stain resistance and it’s harder than natural stone.  For these reasons, it really is the ideal worktop. Compac quartz is made up of 93-95% natural quartz along with small quantities and resin and pigments are added, this makes a stronger stone as well as eliminating porosity. These factors make compac quartz worktops the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom. 

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