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The use of stone in the bathrooms goes back millennia, back to the Romans and ancient Greeks. The beauty of stone or porcelain along with the practicality of these waterproof hard surfaces make an ideal combination and bring a touch of luxury to any bathroom. Shaw Stone are able to offer a variety of bathroom applications, such as bespoke vanity tops and shower tops, bath surrounds, wall cladding, and floor and wall tiles. Create the unique bathroom you’ve always dreamed of with our made to measure services.

made to measure bathroom worktops
bathroom worktops


Our bespoke shower trays are cut from a solid piece of granite, marble or quartz engineered stone. They are cut in such a way that they slope towards the drain hole (something trays from other suppliers don’t do) meaning they are practical as well and beautiful. Grooves can be cut to house glass screens if required. A bespoke shower tray with shower enclosure cladding from large format porcelain, quartz, marble or granite would make a statement in any bathroom. Bring luxury and convenience to your existing shower with our made to measure shower trays.


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If you’re looking to amplify your bathroom, contact us today to discuss your project. Call us on 01329 844474 now. Our friendly team is on-hand to assist you with any queries you could have. Whether you are looking to enhance your bathroom with our stone counters or are in need of a bespoke shower tray, we’re here to help.

bespoke shower trays


Quartz Worktops
Quartz Worktops
Quartz Worktops