Arena - Shaw Stone Ltd.


From: £166.98 per sq/m + VAT


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Standard Slab Size 3000mm x 1400mm

If you’re looking for a cream-based quartz worktop that’s both subtle and reliable, Arena is a brilliant choice. Featuring a classic cream shade all over that provides a somewhat vintage appearance, this worktop will effortlessly suit both traditional and modern interiors with ease. Equally compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms due to its waterproof nature, Arena can be used throughout multiple areas within your home. Better still, the specially sourced natural quartz, pigments and resins used to create this worktop have been carefully selected to provide maximum durability you can truly count on. A real testament to the quality and longevity quartz can provide, Arena will retain its sleek appearance and provide reliable surfaces for your home for many years to come.

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