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Grey Mirrorlux

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Beltrami Grey Mirrorlux

Jumbo Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm

A truly opulent quartz worktop guaranteed to suit almost any contemporary interior style, Grey Mirrorlux is effortlessly chic. As the name suggests, this worktop features a deep grey base topped with metallic speckling guaranteed to stand out and shine. Designed to make a bold statement in whichever room you choose to place it, Grey Mirrorlux is certain to catch the eye of guests and become a strong focal point in any space. And due to its robust structure of natural quartz-sand granules blended with resins and pigments, this specialist blend guarantees premium longevity and strength. Resistant to scratches, heat, water and many other potentially damaging elements, Grey Mirrorlux is certain to maintain its sleek appearance for many years to come with minimal effort required.