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Don’t Restrict Worktops to the Kitchen!

Worktops are normally associated with the kitchen – they provide a surface where food can be prepped and served hygienically. But let’s be honest, most of the time our kitchen worktops double as work-from-home desks, storage areas, and laundry tables. These large, flat surfaces are just irresistible so why do we restrict them to the kitchen? Let’s look at places throughout the home where worktop ideas could improve the way we live. If quality materials are used, the surfaces will look stylish and add to the look of the room at the same time.

1. With more of us having the opportunity to work from home these days, a surface set aside for your laptop, phone and notebook is becoming a must-have home improvement. It could be that you can make use of a spare room, corner of the dining room, or an alcove in the hallway, but making it a comfortable place to spend time is essential. A purpose-made desk might not fit the space well, but a custom worktop can be squeezed in just about anywhere. Make sure it’s installed at the correct height for working, and all you need to add is a chair. You’ll find you are better motivated with a specially created home office worktop area.

2. Utility rooms are handy places where laundry can be organised and ironing boards can be stored. Make full use of the space with a utility room worktop fitted over the washing machine or along one side of the wall. Storage areas for soap powder and fabric softener can be added using left-over utility room worktop. Want to make this room super-stylish? Choose a top made from granite or quartz such as the range at Shaw Stone. For a luxurious finish, these are some of the best utility room worktop surfaces around.

3. Window sills made from natural stone add a wow factor to a space. A custom worktop that compliments the décor can lift the room to a whole new level, plus the material is durable and wipeable. Marble with a bullnose edge is the perfect way to add a classic style that will stand the test of time or granite along the bottom of a window gives the impression of grandeur.

4. Bathrooms are crying out for creative worktop ideas. Instead of buying an off-the-shelf vanity unit, a basin can be fitted into a worktop for the bathroom. This will create lots more surface space in the room. The same material can be installed at one end of the bath or above a toilet cistern for a coordinated look. A high-end feel can be created using marble or granite as a worktop for the bathroom. What you gain are beautiful areas that are perfect for storing towels, candles and your favourite bubble bath.

5. Is your conservatory or orangery filled with plants and flowers? Then a quality custom worktop is ideal for displaying your pots. The surface can be as wide or deep as you need and can run the full length of the wall or just in one of the corners. Much better than using furniture that can spoil if water gets onto it, a worktop is moisture resistant and spills can be wiped up easily.

6. Outdoor kitchens and garden bars benefit from a durable yet good looking worktop. Somewhere to serve the barbecue food or rest a glass of wine makes alfresco mealtimes that bit easier. Quartz works well in the garden and looks stylish alongside the patio furniture. Use the largest custom worktop your garden allows – it’ll make family gatherings a breeze to host.

7. Lucky enough to have a hobby room or workshop? Then a clear surface where you can spread out will make your tasks easier. A worktop can be made in exactly the size and shape you need and be assembled at the height most convenient for you. It will also transform your room into a swish studio you simply won’t want to leave.

8. Natural material such as granite and stone can be used as fantastic shelving anywhere in the home. Line your pantry with shelves of varying depths for a stunning look that is incredibly practical. A shelf in the hallway is handy for holding mail and a worktop surface in the downstairs cloakroom is the perfect place for hand wash.

Have our worktop ideas inspired you? Shaw Stone can help with a home office worktop that will make the most of your available space. They can also offer advice about the best utility room worktop to use to meet the needs of your household. And of course, Shaw Stone can always provide top quality worktops for the kitchen too.

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