Kitchen Storage Ideas!

Being one of the busiest rooms in the home, it is often hard to keep a kitchen tidy. However, buying the correct storage units can make life that little bit easier by helping to keep kitchen affairs in order. As well as giving you a place to store everything, they also help save time as you are more likely to know where things are.

This guide will give you some great tips about what sort of storage units are available:

1: Choose an open island unit

Island units are a great multi-functional product to have in the kitchen. For example, they can act as a chopping area as well as somewhere to eat a quick meal. However, purchasing an open island unit will give you even more storage, providing space for any pots and pans, plates and other items.

2. Install a corner unit

Corner units are a great way to use up unwanted space. You can either choose one that provides drawers, a wine rack, or for extra storage options, try wire baskets which slide out when the doors are opened. Ideal for storing things such as spices and tins!

3. Make extra cupboard space

Existing cupboard space can often be wasted – particularly on the hard-to-reach top shelves. This can be avoided by using mini shelves on legs, which will allow you to place items on top of others – using more of the wasted vertical space.

4. Use freestanding shelves

Open shelves are great for displaying items such as cookbooks, trinkets or pots of herbs. They offer an ideal way to add personality to your kitchen, on a budget. Be advised however, that any knick knacks on show may need to be dusted on a regular basis.

5. Hang a pot rack

Why leave the ceiling out when investigating storage options? Invest in a hanging pot rack which will allow you to grab pots when you need them and will free up cupboards for other kitchen items. Pot racks can give an industrial themed kitchen that extra wow factor and showcase any lavish pans you might own.

6. Purchase a kitchen trolley

A kitchen trolley will provide you with numerous different functions in one. For example, most contain slatted storage shelves, drawers, a chopping board and wine rack. Being on wheels will also mean that you will be able to push it to different areas of your kitchen when needed.

7. Get a spice rack

Purchasing a spice rack will mean you will have any spices you need to hand when cooking. It will also save you the chance of cluttering up cupboards with all the different jars, that let’s face it, you don’t necessarily use on a regular basis. If you’re feeling flash you may also want to upgrade your spice rack to a revolving one.

8. Go for floor-to-ceiling cupboards

Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are great because they provide a huge amount of space. However, make sure that you are not sacrificing other kitchen features such as worktops in exchange for them, as it is important to have a balance in the kitchen.

9. Store away your washing machine

Why not put your washing machine and laundry items in a separate cupboard if you have the space too. This will keep items organised at they are in one place and will also keep them out of view, as a shiny white appliance in the middle of your shaker style kitchen isn’t going to look good.

10. Use an over-the-door shoe rack

It may sound a little out-of-the-box, but using an over-the-door shoe rack, which comes with clear pockets, can be a great space-saver in the kitchen. These can be great for putting packets in, which can easily get jumbled and take up space in other cupboards. Once you’ve installed some of these clever ideas, all you need to do is sit back and marvel about how organised and tidy your kitchen is!