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Bianco Extreme

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Unistone Bianco Extreme

Jumbo Slab Size 3300mm x 1650mm
Standard Slab Size 3000mm x 1400mm

If you’re seeking a pure white quartz worktop with no trace of texture or pattern, look no further than Bianco Extreme. As the name highlights, this worktop features an unmistakeably extreme shade of crisp white with zero interference. Guaranteed to dazzle when exposed to light and easily able to add noticeable brightness to any kitchen or bathroom, Bianco Extreme is the perfect choice for lovers of minimalist chic. The natural quartz used to fashion this worktop is considered to be one of the toughest raw materials known to man, and when paired with specialist resins it creates a remarkable structure guaranteed to resist general wear and tear and maintain its sleek appearance indefinitely. A wonderful new addition to your kitchen or bathroom, Bianco Extreme certainly does provide extreme style and longevity!