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Azul Aran

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Unistone Azul Aran

Jumbo Slab Size 3300mm x 1650mm
Standard Slab Size 3000mm x 1400mm

Dramatically bold and guaranteed to appear eye-catching in a room of any size, the Azul Aran quartz worktop is a real force to be reckoned with. Featuring a billowy pattern of captivating swirls, the cloud-like texture of this worktop’s pattern allows it to appear like a work of art in its own right. Suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms, Azul Aran is certain to transform the appearance of your room of choice for the better. And if its pattern isn’t enough to entice your attention, the structure of this worktop is absolutely outstanding. Built with premium longevity at the forefront of its goal, Azul Aran has been carefully constructed using top-quality natural quartz, resins and pigments. Not only is this unique blend responsible for its mesmerising design, but also creates a sturdy structure that’s dependable, resilient and guaranteed to stand the test of time.