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Silestone White Storm

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Silestone White Storm

Standard Slab Size 3040mm x 1400mm
Jumbo Slab Size 3250mm x 1590mm

Effortlessly chic and classic in style, the Silestone White Storm quartz worktop offers simplicity at its finest. Featuring a pure, crisp white shade with subtle speckling for added texture, this countertop is the perfect choice if minimalist white with a modern twist is what you’re looking for.

Able to brighten up a room in an instant, the light reflective properties of this White Storm quartz worktop will open up your entire space with ease. Suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms with a durable structure, its composition of 94% siliceous quartz with resins and pigments offers distinctive durability. Guaranteed to stand the test of time and offering impressive resilience against scratches and many other forms of abrasion, Silestone White Storm offers a chic style and reliability you can truly count on.

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