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Silestone Merope

Standard Slab Size 3040mm x 1400mm

A great alternative to classic black without sacrificing statement-making drama, the Merope quartz worktop is a force to be reckoned with. Complete with a deep grey base topped with subtle blurred marbling, the ethereal atmosphere this worktop will give to your space is sure to impress. Compatible with a wide variety of existing interior styles, Merope is suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens with its water and heat-resistant surface. Better still, this worktop’s innermost structure guarantees premium strength and durability – without compromising on sleek style. Made using 94% natural siliceous quartz combined with quality resins and pigments, the long-lasting resilience of Merope is something you can truly count on. Certain not to endure the typical wear and tear many plastic or wooden alternatives suffer, this worktop will make a reliable new addition to your space.