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Mariposa Buff

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Radianz Mariposa Buff

Jumbo Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm

Eye-catching and traditional in design, the Mariposa Buff quartz worktop is a great option if you’re seeking something a little different to many of today’s block-coloured surfaces. Featuring intense speckling throughout with multiple hues of brown, orange and beige dominating its colour scheme, Mariposa Buff is guaranteed to suit virtually any warm-toned interior within your home. Ideal to be used in kitchens due to the instantly welcoming ambience it creates, this worktop is also suitable for bathrooms too with its water-resistant surface and incredibly durable structure. Made using 93% natural quartz alongside a carefully selected blend of resins and pigments, the hardiness and strength provided by this worktop is simply second-to-none. Resistant to many forms of abrasion and easy to keep clean, Mariposa Buff won’t let you down.