1926 Crema Botticino - Shaw Stone Ltd.

1926 Crema Botticino

From: £253.50 per sq/m + VAT


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Standard Slab Size 3090mm x 1440mm

Reminiscent of renaissance marble, Crema Botticino is effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. Light in appearance and guaranteed to brighten the ambience of any kitchen or bathroom, this quartz worktop is the epitome of quality. Featuring a robust structure of strong natural quartz combined with specialist polyester resins, the durability and longevity provided by this worktop is of the highest possible grade. Able to resist scratches and stains in addition to intense heat, Crema Botticino is the perfect option for virtually any kitchen. Better still, its non-porous surface makes it perfectly suitable for bathrooms too, its waterproof & hygienic nature guaranteeing premium longevity for your home.

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