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1896 Bianco Carrara

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Standard Slab Size 3090mm x 1440mm

Distinctly light in colour to add instant brightness to your bathroom or kitchen, the Bianco Carrara quartz worktop is hugely adaptable. Guaranteed to suit virtually any personal taste due to its minimalist appearance, the pale cream of this worktop features light darker speckling to create a textured appearance without ever seeming overwhelming or ‘too much’. Ideal for those seeking a no-frills worktop for their kitchen or bathroom, Bianco Carrara features a distinctly robust structure of natural quartz combined with specialist polyester resins to create the ultimate level of strength. Massively durable and resistant to heat, scratches and stains, the longevity of this quartz worktop is simply outstanding. Certain to stand the test of time with appropriate care, Bianco Carrara will maintain its sleek appearance for many years to come.

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