1813 Marrone Imperiale - Shaw Stone Ltd.

1813 Marrone Imperiale

From: £253.50 per sq/m + VAT


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Standard Slab Size 3090mm x 1440mm

Featuring a deep maroon-toned brown topped with slightly lighter marbling for added depth, the Marrone Imperiale quartz worktop makes a great alternative to traditional deep grey or black if you’re seeking a darker-toned addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Super sleek and smooth to the touch, this worktop’s surface remains non-porous for much greater hygiene when compared to wooden alternatives. Better still, its natural quartz and polyester resin structure makes Marrone Imperiale a superbly robust type of worktop certain to stand the test of time and remain durable for years to come. Resistant to stains, scratches and intense heat, this worktop is able to easily maintain its sleek appearance with minimal effort required. Rich and bold in colour without compromising on quality, Marrone Imperiale is sure to impress.

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