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1706 Easy Beige

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Okite 1706 Easy Beige

Jumbo Slab Size 3220mm x 1630mm

If you’re seeking a brand-new reliable worktop that’s light in colour yet not quite as dazzling as crisp white, the Easy Beige quartz is a brilliant option. Featuring a subtle shade of beige throughout guaranteed to add brightness to a room, this worktop appears neutral whilst still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing feel. Suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms due to its non-porous surface, Easy Beige has been expertly manufactured using 93% natural quartz combined with specialist resins. As the form of quartz used is renowned as being one of Earth’s toughest raw materials, this entire worktop boasts incredible strength and resilience against potential damage. Certain to stand the test of time with appropriate care, Easy Beige is both versatile and reliable.