1701 Verde Medea - Shaw Stone Ltd.

1701 Verde Medea

From: £253.50 per sq/m + VAT


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Standard Slab Size 3090mm x 1440mm

The deep olive green colour of Verde Medea makes it a great alternative to classic black or grey if a darker-toned quartz worktop is what you’re looking for. Complementary to both warm and cool-toned interiors for maximum versatility, Verde Medea is effortlessly robust and durable. Featuring an expert blend of 93% natural quartz alongside specialist resins, the structure of this worktop provides optimum strength and resistance against abrasion. Better still, as the siliceous quartz used to fashion this worktop is considered one of the toughest raw materials found on earth, you can be rest assured Verde Medea will provide premium strength on a long-term basis. Easy to keep clean and non-porous for top hygiene, this modern quartz worktop will make a wonderful addition to any contemporary kitchen or bathroom.

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