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Titanium (Cosmic Black)

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With the ability to transform your kitchen or bathroom surfaces into a cosmic masterpiece, Titanium, or Cosmic Black, granite is a real sight to behold. Featuring a deep black base with streams of bright white running through its entire structure, this natural first-rate granite is guaranteed to make a statement and improve the entire appearance of whichever room it’s placed, whether that is your kitchen or bathroom. Creating a completely unique Cosmic Black countertop, its high-shine polished finish simply adds to its cosmic appeal, effortlessly reflecting light to provide a mesmerising mirror effect across its entire surface. Offering both style and substance in equal measure, Titanium granite is superbly robust and durable with supreme resistance against scratches or heat. Guaranteed to stand the test of time and maintain its smooth appearance with appropriate care, this Titanium granite worktop is certain to impress all who visit your home. If you think a titanium granite countertop is what you’re looking for, call us today on 01329 844474.

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