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Taj Mahal

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Featuring a pale sand-like appearance with deeper veining to create added dimension, the Taj Majal granite worktop offers quality at its finest. Suitable as a granite countertop in both kitchens and bathrooms, this first-rate granite doesn’t compromise on toughness or durability. Able to withstand intense heat and resistant to scratches, maintaining Taj Mahal’s sleek polished finish requires minimal effort on your part. Priced from £624 and able to create a bright, airy atmosphere to whichever room you choose to place it, this Taj Mahal stone is also light-reflective to produce a gorgeous mirror effect against its pale base pattern. Versatile and able to blend in with virtually any existing home interior, Taj Mahal granite will provide your space with style and functional durability. Call our expert team today on 01329 844474.