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Olive Green Granite

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The perfect choice for lovers of green who wish to stray away from the classic dark worktop shades of grey or black, Olive Green granite is guaranteed to make a striking statement in your kitchen or bathroom. Featuring veined marbling of various deep green shades, the pattern of this natural first-rate Olive Green granite countertop is subtle enough to blend into existing décor, but still offers the deep effect necessary to remain eye-catching.

Carefully cut and polished to reflect both sunlight and artificial light, olive green granite is superbly durable without compromising on sleek style. Able to resist scratches and heat with ease, the smooth finish of this first-rate olive green granite is simple to maintain for years to come with appropriate care, making a dark olive green kitchen an extremely practical option.

Olive Green Granite Countertops With Shaw Stone

As well as providing you with excellent quality, visually stunning stone, when you choose us for your olive green granite countertops, at Shaw Stone, we will ensure a faultless service too. The bespoke nature of our work means that we are able to completely tailor your olive green granite to the unique requirements of your home. We are also on hand to provide you with in-depth advice and guidance throughout the planning, installation, and aftercare processes, so you will never be left in the dark when you choose us for your dark olive green granite kitchen or bathroom.

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