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Kashmir White Granite

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Featuring a bright combination of crisp white alongside waves of pale blue and darker speckles, Kashmir White granite is the perfect accompaniment to kitchens and bathrooms. Able to be used as a reliable kitchen worktop or surrounding surface of your bathroom vanity, the pale colour scheme and pattern of this first-rate granite makes it superbly versatile. Also offering premium durability, the heat and scratch resistant properties of this granite worktop mean it can withstand virtually any regular kitchen activity without losing its luxuriously smooth appearance. Expertly polished to reveal high shine and able to reflect light to produce an even greater brightening effect, the Kashmir White granite is guaranteed to impress no matter which room it’s placed in.

Why Choose Shaw Stone For Kashmir White Granite? 

Here at Shaw Stone, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality stunning Kashmir White granite and unrivalled customer service. Our team has many years of experience working within the industry and their skills and knowledge enable us to achieve a premium finish for our customers. 

To find out more information about our Kashmir White granite worktops or any other details, please get in touch. 

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