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Azul Platino Granite

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In our extensive range of granite worktops, we are proud to offer Azul Platino Granite. Speckled for captivating texture yet neutral in appearance to complement both warm and cool-toned interior styles, the Azul Platino granite countertop is a truly versatile option, that’s still a little bit different. So regardless of your individual style of preferences, Azul Platino Granite can slot in seamlessly with your existing decor. Sleek and smooth with an expertly polished surface, this first-rate granite guarantees optimum longevity means you’ll have a reliable worktop certain to last for years and years to come – without compromising on style. The fact that the Azul Platino is not as porous as many other granite worktops means that in order to prevent damage, it does not need to be sealed quite so frequently, meaning that is extremely hassle-free. Better still, the light-reflective polished surface of the Azul Platino Granite makes it effortlessly simple to keep clean, so you do not need to worry about the practicality of this worktop. Hassle-free and equipping your bathroom or kitchen with robust surfaces you can truly rely on, this Azul Platino Granite worktop won’t let you down.

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