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Glaciar 20mm

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Compac Glaciar Worktop

Standard Slab Size 3000mm x 1400mm

As the name suggests, the brilliant white produced by the Compac Glaciar quartz worktop is guaranteed to add instant brightness to your room of choice. Certain to complement virtually any existing colour scheme your home has due to its lack of pattern or bright colours, the Compac Glaciar quartz worktop is a truly versatile option compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms. This worktop has been carefully fashioned using tough natural quartz alongside first-rate pigments and resins resulting in an outstanding, durable structure. Incredibly resilient and guaranteed not to suffer the typical wear and tear seen amongst many wooden or plastic alternatives, the Compac Glaciar quartz worktop is certain to serve your home for many years – without compromising on sleek style.

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