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Brown Ama

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Compac Brown Ama

Standard Slab Size 3000mm x 1400mm

With its traditional design and neutral colour scheme, the Brown Ama quartz worktop is an incredibly versatile option sure to complement a variety of interior styles. Designed with a white base and bold brown marbling, the appearance of this worktop is eye-catching yet subtle enough to blend in with your existing furnishings. Better still, its robust structure makes it compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms in equal measure, allowing you to furnish multiple areas of your home without needing to select more than one style. Boasting a structure relatively similar to the toughness of granite, Brown Ama provides impressive resistance to both heat and scratches. Able to maintain its sleek appearance for a long time to come with appropriate care, this versatile worktop will serve your home for many years.

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