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Compac Azabache

Standard Slab Size 3000mm x 1400mm

Reminiscent of the captivating night sky, the Azabache quartz worktop is guaranteed to transform the appearance of any kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of room size, this worktop is sure to make a bold statement and accentuate the appearance of your existing furnishings. With its deep black base and subtle white speckling akin to stars at night, Azabache is perfectly compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms due to its sleek design and incredibly durable structure. Carefully crafted using an expert blend of natural quartz, resins and pigments, the reliability and strength provided by this worktop is simply remarkable. Hugely resilient against general wear and tear and many direct forms of abrasion, Azabache is also resistant to heat and waterproof to further enhance its longevity over time.