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Statuario Unique

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Cimstone Statuario Unique

Jumbo Slab Size 3100mm x 1600mm
Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1400mm

If you’re seeking a simplistic, superbly chic worktop to add to your kitchen, the Statuario Unique quartz option is guaranteed to impress. Featuring a classic off-white base colour topped with subtle veining, the sheer minimalism of this worktop makes it a great option to pair with equally modern interiors. And due to its light-toned nature, Statuario Unique will add instant brightness to whichever space you choose to place it. Ideal for crafting bespoke kitchen worktops, shower walls or bathroom surfaces due to its waterproof exterior, this worktop is also resistant to heat. Made using an expert blend of premium natural siliceous quarts blended with first-rate resins and pigments, the core structure of this worktop is simply second-to-none. Akin to all other quartz options in this collection, Stauario Unique offers impressive resilience against damage (including scratches) and is superbly low maintenance to take care of.

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