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815 Smyrna

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Cimstone Smyrna

Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1400mm

The epitome of warm-toned neutrality, the Smyrna quartz worktop is a true triumph guaranteed to impress. Featuring a lightly textured design with a warm sand-based brown as its primary colour, this worktop is able to effortlessly complement almost any existing interior décor your home has. Able to provide premium stability and strength without compromising on sleek style, Smyrna has been carefully crafted using a unique blend of quality natural quartz (one of the toughest raw materials known to man) combined with top-rated resins and pigments to create its distinctive design. Guaranteed to stand the test of time without suffering the general wear and tear many plastic or wooden alternatives do, Smyrna is impressively resilient against damage and is able to maintain its sleek appearance for many years. Easy to look after and compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms, this worktop won’t let you down.