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1001 Riverlet

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Caesarstone 1001 Riverlet

Step into a world of indulgent luxury with Caesarstone Riverlet Quartz an engineered stone that radiates peacefulness inspired by natural waterways. A member of the Supernatural Collection by Caesarstone this stunning piece combines rich earthy tones with gentle currents-like patterns that create an unrivaled sense of opulence in any space.

Riverlet Quartz’s soft blues paired with hints of grey and ivory combined to create a visually captivating experience that exudes natural serenity practically anywhere you place it. Crafted meticulously using advanced technology along with premium quality quartz ensures remarkable durability designed to last ages on top of resisting scratches or stains from everyday use without sacrificing elegance.

Caesarstone Riverlet Quartz is perfect for commercial or residential settings due to its non-porous surface and high resistance to heat damage providing a hygienic choice for any kitchen or bathroom. Its easy maintenance routine also means that cleaning is straightforward simply use mild detergent and water to keep Riverlet Quartz looking perfect.

Caesarstone Riverlet Quartz adds unmatched refinement and charm to any living space – step up your interior design game today! From kitchen worktops to bathroom vanities and accent pieces, this versatile stone elevates every aspect of home décor through its unparalleled elegance. Whether you prefer contemporary designs or more traditional ones, Riverlet Quartz effortlessly blends into any aesthetic while complementing all color palettes. Nothing exudes tranquility quite like the serene beauty found in flowing rivers; bring that same peacefulness into your own home with Caesarstone Riverlet Quartz today!

Standard Slab Size 3040mm x 1440mm