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6270 Atlantic Salt

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Caesarstone 6270 Atlantic Salt

Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1440mm

Offering premium neutrality with a twist, 6270 Atlantic Salt is both eye-catching and distinctive. The worktop features a generally neutral colour scheme, with creams and multiple shades of brown. With an intense speckling and an almost crystalised finish, the surface creates a bold appearance, guaranteed to add instance texture to your room of choice. Equally suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms due to its impressively robust texture and resilience against damage, Caesarstone 6270 Atlantic Salt can be used for multiple locations in your home.

Specifically designed with longevity in mind, Atlantic Salt 6270 is crafted with a specialised blend of natural quartz, resins and pigments to fashion its final structure. Providing intense toughness certain to stand the test of time, Caesarstone 6270 Atlantic Salt has the power to completely transform a kitchen or bathroom whilst simultaneously blending in with existing furnishings.