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5101 Empira Black

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Caesarstone 5101 Empira Black

Slab size – 3040mm x 1440mm

Empira Black by Caesarstone makes a strong and majestic choice for your kitchen worktops. It achieves an opulent depth from a pure black base overlaid with sweeping, organic white veining that traverses the slab and gives the impression of a modern twist on an Old World classic marble. From the Supernatural collection by Caesarstone, this design was acclaimed for its ability to bring all opulence and a dramatic flair found in natural stone into home interiors with all the added benefits this quality quartz affords: durability, non-porosity, and ease of maintenance. Empira Black is the perfect way to transfer a glamorous but powerful message into any kitchen, merging the deep, mysterious allure of black marble with the pragmatics and resiliency of quartz. And its stain and scratch-resistant features ensure that it remains a beauty by look and function for years together.