4141 Misty Carrera - Shaw Stone Ltd.

4141 Misty Carrera

From: £307.52 per sq/m + VAT


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Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1440mm

Akin to its namesake, the Misty Carrera quartz worktop provides a distinctive ‘misty’ feel with its neutral-toned base. Neither true grey, cream or white, this worktop offers a distinctive lightweight feel certain to add airy brightness to any room – without appearing overwhelming or too reflective against artificial or natural light. Better still, its unmistakeably neutral ambience allows it to effortlessly complement virtually any existing colour scheme your home has. So, whether you’re a lover of warm or cool-toned interiors, Misty Carrera is sure to blend-in without trouble. Also featuring a brilliantly robust structure due to its durable blend of natural quartz, resins and pigments, the longevity of this worktop is simply second-to-none. Guaranteed to stand the test of time and perfectly suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms alike, Misty Carrera will make a wonderful addition to your home.

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