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4030 Pebble

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Caesarstone 4030 Pebble

Jumbo Slab Size 3340mm x 1640mm
Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1440mm

A guaranteed asset to virtually any modern kitchen or bathroom, the Caesarstone Pebble quartz worktop is both versatile and stylish. Featuring a deep grey base reminiscent of classic beach pebbles, this countertop offers both sleek functionality and durability in equal measure. Carefully formed using high-strength natural quartz blended with a specialist combination of pigments and resins, the rich design and tough structure of 4030 Pebble makes it a real cut above plastic and wooden alternatives. Guaranteed to stand the test of time with appropriate care, the Caesarstone Pebble countertop is distinctly resilient and strong against wear and tear. Specifically designed to look chic and provide ultimate reassurance due to its superbly durable nature, Caesarstone 4030 Pebble is ideal for crafting both kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

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