Jigsaw Sun Encaustic By Neisha Crosland - Shaw Stone Ltd.

Jigsaw Sun Encaustic By Neisha Crosland

£3.80 each + VAT


Material: Encaustic

Finish: Satin

Colour: Burnt Sienna, Duck Grey, Pebble Grey, Pistachio, Sludge Grey

Format Style: Tile

Suitability: Domestic/Light Use Commercial Interior Floors, Wall Tiling

Get the starburst effect with this collection of high impact hexagonal tiles, which comes in a palette of five bold and neutral colours to complement or contrast any interior decor scheme.

30no tiles per square metre. Sold in boxes of 12no tiles

Encaustic PSV slip rating; when dry 63 average, when wet 39 average

Please note that natural stone and encaustic tiles require sealing.