Jigsaw Rattan Encaustic By Neisha Crosland - Shaw Stone Ltd.

Jigsaw Rattan Encaustic By Neisha Crosland

£4.00 each + VAT


Material: Encaustic

Finish: Satin

Colour: Aqua Heather, Cinnamon, Mandarin, Slate Smoke

Format Style: Tile

Suitability: Domestic/Light Use Commercial Interior Floors, Wall Tiling

Creating an intriguing 3D visual effect, these criss-coss prints are part of our exclusive collection with renowned designer Neisha Crosland. Suitable for walls and floors as well as feature areas such as kitchen islands and funky bars.

25no tiles per square metre. Sold in boxes of 12no tiles

Encaustic PSV slip rating; when dry 63 average, when wet 39 average

Please note that natural stone and encaustic tiles require sealing.