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Beltrami Rapture

Jumbo Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm

With its dynamic swirled design yet neutral colour scheme, the Rapture quartz worktop is superbly captivating without ever appearing overwhelming against your current interior style. Primarily featuring understated hues of grey, beige and cream, the simplistic colour scheme of this worktop allows it to effortlessly complement a wide variety of interior styles – no matter your personal taste. Able to be placed in both kitchens and bathrooms due to its waterproof and heat-resistant structure, the inner composition of natural quartz-sand granules combined with polyester resins guarantees optimum durability and strength. Incredibly robust against scratches and many other forms of damage, Rapture is sure to maintain its sleek appearance indefinitely with appropriate care. Easy to take care of and offering far more longevity than plastic, Rapture is sure to impress.