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Beltrami Gracious

Jumbo Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm

Reminiscent of captivating storm clouds and certain to complement virtually any cool-toned interior style, the Gracious quartz worktop offers the perfect balance of hardy strength and premium style. Featuring a distinctive grey colour scheme with cloud-like pattern covering its entirety, this worktop is sure to make a statement without ever overwhelming your existing furnishings. Better still, Gracious is compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms due to its incredibly long-lasting and resilient structure. Carefully crafted using tough quartz-sand granules blended with top-quality resins and pigments, this worktop has been specifically created to stand the test of time. Guaranteed to resist the general wear and tear many plastic or wooden alternatives would naturally suffer, Gracious gives you ultimate reassurance you have a worktop that will last indefinitely with appropriate care.