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Bianco Massa

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Beltrami Bianco Massa

Jumbo Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm

Soft and delicate, Bianco Massa is a truly versatile quartz worktop compatible with many kitchen and bathroom styles. Featuring an off-white base colour with an incredibly subtle lilac tone, the discreet marbling present on this worktop’s surface provides a refreshing alternative to plain uniform colour – but will never overwhelm your current furnishings or existing patterned decorative pieces. Able to suit both warm and cool-toned interiors with ease, Bianca Massa’s construction of quartz-sand granules, pigments and premium polyester resin guarantees a degree of quality you simply won’t find in plastic alternatives. Incredibly resilient and tough against scratches, Bianca Massa will effortlessly maintain its sleek finish with minimal maintenance required. Ideal for those wishing to incorporate a modern worktop into their home without compromising their existing colour scheme, this quartz option is a truly adaptable choice.