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Scuro Concreto

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Arenastone Scuro Concreto

Jumbo Slab 3200mm x 1550mm

If you’re looking for a captivating kitchen worktop designed to bring subtle drama into your home, the Scuro Concreto quartz worktop is a brilliant choice. Featuring a deep grey base colour topped with faded pale grey accents, the bold yet simplistic nature of this worktop allows it to make a serious statement in your kitchen – without overwhelming your current furnishings. Equally compatible with bathrooms too due to its waterproof surface, Scuro Concreto certainly doesn’t compromise on durability or strength. Made using first-rate siliceous quartz bonded with specially selected resins, the robust nature of this worktop is absolutely outstanding. Able to effortlessly withstand many forms of abrasion (including stains and scratches), this worktop is surprisingly low maintenance to look after. Able to maintain its sleek appearance for a long time to come, Scuro Concreto offers the perfect balance of style and substance.