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Nero Stelline

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Arenastone Nero Stelline

Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1400mm

If you’re seeking a daring yet simplistic worktop to furnish your kitchen, the Nero Stelline quartz option is definitely worth considering. Featuring a deep navy base shade topped with subtle black speckling, sparse bright white dots finish this worktop to provide an instantly captivating effect. Certain to complement a variety of existing interior styles provided a bold, statement-making worktop is what you’re looking for, Nero Stelline is compatible with bathrooms as well as kitchens due to its robust water-resistant nature. Carefully crafted using natural siliceous quartz alongside specialist pigments, the inner structure of this worktop is simply outstanding. Incredibly durable and guaranteed to last for many years with appropriate care, Nero Stelline won’t suffer the typical wear and tear many other worktop types endure over time.