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Nero Mystico

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Arenastone Nero Mystico

Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1400mm

Paying true homage to its namesake, the Nero Mystico quartz worktop is effortlessly mysterious and captivating to look at. Featuring a deep grey base topped with distinctive speckling, this overall design of this worktop is reminiscent of a mesmerising night sky – perfect for adding a striking effect to your kitchen or bathroom. Boasting an impressive heat and water-resistant surface, Nero Mystico has been expertly manufactured using natural siliceous quartz (one of the toughest raw materials known to man) alongside first-rate resins. Guaranteeing utmost quality and strength you simply won’t find in wooden or plastic alternatives, this worktop is sure to stand the test of time with impressive resilience. Resistant to scratches and many other forms of abrasion, Nero Mystico will successfully serve your home for many years with appropriate care.