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Grigio Misto

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Arenastone Grigio Misto

Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1400mm

With its green-toned grey base and subtle speckling, the Grigio Misto quartz worktop is superbly versatile and adaptable. Suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens, this worktop is both heat and water resistant – perfect when cooking or taking hot showers! Guaranteed to stand the test of time and boasting a sleek appearance throughout, this worktop has been carefully crafted using natural siliceous quartz alongside premium resins. Not only does this create a uniform colour throughout its entire design, but also ensures first-rate structure guaranteed to impress. Grigio Misto offers outstanding resistance to stains, scratches and other forms of abrasion, yet doesn’t require high maintenance cleaning to remain sparkling and brand-new.