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Crema Rocca

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Arenastone Crema Roca

Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1400mm

If you’re seeking a neutral-toned worktop for your kitchen, the Crema Rocca quartz worktop is guaranteed to impress. The perfect complement to both warm and cool-toned interiors, selecting this worktop is almost certain to be a safe choice due to its impressive versatility. And to provide a refreshing alternative to simplistic plain colour, Crema Rocca has been topped with subtle speckling to provide added depth to the overall design. And it’s not just neutral, aesthetically pleasing style this worktop provides, as its structure has been specifically designed with longevity in mind. Expertly fashioned using natural siliceous quartz bonded with carefully selected resins and pigments, Crema Rocca is superbly durable, strong and long-lasting. Easy to maintain with minimal effort, this quartz worktop is sure to impress.