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Bianco Elegante

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Arenastone Bianco Elegante

Standard Slab Size 3050mm x 1400mm

As its name strongly suggests, Bianco Elegante is a truly elegant quartz worktop guaranteed to blend in with virtually any existing interior. Offering the peak of stylish simplicity, this minimalistic worktop features a white-based shade throughout for maximum versatility. Able to complement both warm and cool-toned interiors with ease, Bianco Elegante is the perfect choice for those who seek durable surfaces for their kitchen and bathroom but don’t want to risk overwhelming their current furnishings and colour schemes. And in addition to its sleek finish, Bianco Elegante also boasts a superbly strong structure comprised of natural siliceous quartz alongside specialist resins. This combination creates instant strength and reliability, as well as premium resistance to abrasion and general wear and tear. Providing far greater longevity than plastic alternatives, Bianco Elegante will make a simplistic yet stylish asset to any modern home.