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QZ 129 Forest

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CRL QZ 129 Forest

Jumbo Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm

A great option for those seeking a dark-toned worktop but want to stray away from classic black or grey, the Forest quartz worktop is sure to impress. As the name suggests, this option features a rustic-toned deep green base reminiscent of a truly authentic forest shade. Deep in tone yet providing a degree of neutrality, Forest will effortlessly complement a wide variety of existing interiors with ease. Better still, this worktop can be used across both kitchens and bathrooms due to its heat and water-resistant nature. Made using premium natural quartz (one of the toughest raw materials known to man) combined with first-rate pigments and resins, Forest guarantees top-quality style and substance! Resistant to many forms of abrasion and certain to maintain its sleek appearance with appropriate care, Forest will make an asset to any modern-day setting.