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Nile Lavender

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Nile Lavender

Slab Size – 3220mm x 1620mm x 30/20mm

Effortlessly bold without relying on bright, garish colours, the Nile Lavender quartz worktop is the perfect option if you’re seeking a distinctive new worktop that still maintains a degree of neutrality. Primarily featuring tones of cream and grey, the bold design atop Nile Lavender is certain to make an instant statement – without overwhelming your existing style and furnishings. Compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms due to its waterproof structure, this worktop can be used throughout multiple areas of your home with ease. Better still, the innermost structure of Nile Lavender has been specifically designed to provide maximum durability. Made using first-rate natural quartz carefully blended with bespoke resins and pigments, this worktop is resistant to many forms of abrasion and is sure to maintain its sleek appearance with minimal effort.